Resources Continued

Operatic Libretto Analysis

Famous Mozart Operas by Spike Hughes. Published by Dover in 1958,1972

The New Grove Masters of Italian Opera by P. Gossett, William Ashbrook, Julian Badden, Friedrich Lippman, A. Porter, Mosco Carner. Published Macmillian in 1985

The Pan Book of Opera. A. Jacobs and S Sadie. Pan Books 1984.

Turn of the Century Masters. Terrell, Books, Mitchell, Kennedy, Layton. Grove. 1985.

The Rest Is Noise. Alex Ross.Harper Perennial 2007.

Music in the Baroque. M. Bukofzer. Dent 1948

Verdi.P. Sandler. Omnibus 1978.

Standard Stories From The Operas. Gladys Davidson. Werner and Laurie 1947.

Cassell Opera Guides. Bridget Brophy. Cassell. 1971.

The Victrola Book of Opera. Victor Talking Machine. 1925